Pictured here is Jacob Alebiosu, CTO and Guinness Hester, Real Estate Agent/Chief Revenue Officer!



We, Jacob and Guinness made this site, as we have over 30+ years in Real Estate Ownership Roles, starting out as a renter, home owners, landlord, renter again, then home owner again. I have paid rents, collected rents, renovated my home, renovated rented homes, fixed toilets/sinks of tenants, all the things.

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We believe that all of the bad real estate deals are caused by the home owner, not having enough wisdom, either gained on their own or supplied by the real estate agent/home inspector/bank/friends or family.

We see often that the Real Estate Agents and Banks pushes the new home buyer into a property beyond their ability to afford it/pay for it over 30 years.

Unfortunately, Real Estate Agents and Banks are motivated to push the home buyer into buying more than they can afford, because that’s the amount they make a commission on. They don’t care if the home buyer is foreclosed on in the first year when they cant make the payments. The Real Estate Agent and Bank, will make money when the house is sold again, repeating the cycle.

We believe that their should be a home buyer advocate

who would function in a role like that of a shepherd or mentor, providing wisdom, insight and helping the home buyer create a foundation of enduring wealth with their home purchase.

Grant Cardone is a big proponent of people renting forever, because he owns rental property.

But every billionaire in the top 10 most richest people will tell you that home ownership is the first step to creating generational wealth.

The benefits of home ownerships is that the amount you pay for housing is fixed for 30years unlike renting, where it can go up 100% each year or more.

Plus with renting the landlord can enter your apartment/condo at anytime to let in the bug man or repair man and shoplift your valuables. You arent going to notice that jewelry that you dont where everyday has gone missing. And when you do, the landlord is going to deny that their workman took it. You are at their mercy.

With Homeownership you have security and piece of mind.

That’s why we strive to make a difference; honesty, integrity, transparency, empathy, love of work.