DustyHomes/DiscountedHomesFinder was created to assist home buyers to find the best home for their needs.

A wise man saves for the future – Proverbs 21:20

Diligent hands bring wealth – Proverbs 10:4

Steady plotting brings prosperity – Proverbs 21:5

There are an estimated 1,500+ Home listings on the internet for homes under $200k in your area on 30+ real estate listing sites.

But in todays2023 environment its estimated that there are 10 buyers to every seller, which means that to be a successful buyer, that you need to have an edge.

Therefore to clear the clutter and find/acquire the best home quickly, buyers need to use the most relevant home listing site to their location and home function (house/duplex, condo, land, etc).

Buying today means having your offering ability in place and offering first, as home listings, gather 10’s of offers in the first week. Some house/homes sell in the first day of listing, or never get listed, and sell through word of month.

Real Estate Agents shut the window after 2 offers, so even if you are the highest offer, it won’t be seen if you apply too late, after the 3rd day of being posted.

Using DustyHomes/DiscountedHomesFinder, prospective home buyers can find and offer first!

Founder = Guinness Hester, Real Estate Agent

Two Amigos

Jacob – CEO – developing the vision to build and drive the machine

Guinness – CRO – developing the funds to build the machine

Vision : To help home buyers find, afford and buy the best home at a discount, quicky and easily.

Mission: To stop home buyers from over paying and buying outside of their affordability range. Home ownership should be a stepping stone to wealth creation, not a money pit.

Partners = GetRich.work (for making you rich) and Jabanna (for finding you a discounted home) and Thiramin.com (for finding you the best mate to date). Plus elixirkombucha.com (to rehydrate) and curiositystream.com (to refresh the brain during non-work times).