DustyHomes.com started out as roomrender.app the 2nd place winner in a TechStars Startup Weekend in June 2023.

Vision : To help home buyers find, afford and buy the best home at a discount, quicky and easily.

Mission : To stop home buyers from over paying and buying outside of their affordability range. Home ownership should be a stepping stone to wealth creation, not a money pit.

DustyHomes.com uses a “patent pending A.I. Engine” to find and source the best home listings using customer selected criteria to search all the home listing sites.

Objective : Advising and building up first time home buyers financial savvy so they can take the 2nd step to generational wealth building.

Culture :

  • Strong Work Ethic,
  • Passion to never stop improving,
  • Empathy for those with less knowledge
  • Pay it forward, building the community one home buyer at a time

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