The winning formula for Home Buying Success = Timing (40%) + Luck (40%) + Team/Tools (20%).

You have to have Timing “First to Apply” as the housing market is over loaded with prospective home buyer, investors, flippers, and real estate investment trusts. So when a home seller posts their home for sale, the first 10 people who put an offer in, get their offer looked at, and the remaining 100’s late to the pitch home buyers, don’t even get looked at, regardless of how much they offers are.

You have to have Luck “a scrappy inquisitive mindset”, as there is an immense number of home buyers for the houses available for sale. It used to only be people in your town, but now with remote investors, you are competing against home buyers with larger networks (multiple languages spoken) and willing to pay more for less (dollar is very strong against currencies in other countries).

So you need to do research on the market, neighborhood, future supply/demand just to compete.

Lastly, you have to have a Team Mindset “Be Humble and open to people with more experience than yourselves”. If you have applied 100’s of times and still can’t find/purchase a house, be open to advice from RealEstate agents that offer advice about modifying your offer or buyers profile. Doing the same thing “your way” and expecting different results is prideful.

Tools! You have to track the offers that you submit, so that when a real estate agent calls you unexpectedly, you can go to the program or journal and see which offer was used to apply with and which benefits that you highlighted, so you can understand which examples to bring to the discussion to show that you are the best purchaser of the property. It’s not always the highest price that wins the deal, some home sellers want people like themselves. Families often want to sell to other families, not to investment companies, or developers.