DustyHomes/DiscountedHomesFinder.com was created to help prospective home buyers, search, find and buy their first home, under $200K.

Realtors and Banks make % of sale price as their commission so its in their best interest to sell the highest priced house or give the highest amount loan to a homebuyer, regardless of the ability of the homeowner to make payments in the future.

We see a lot of banks/credit unions hyping the no money down/100% financed house, with no closing costs, and an adjustable interest rate.

These types of loans are what caused the housing crash of 2008 where millions of people were foreclosed on when interest rates spiked and job were lost.

The best way to keep your home, and a roof over your head, is to work harder and find/buy a more affordable home. Something at 2x household income and not 4x household income like the bank/credit unions/realtors tell you that you deserve.

Before Dustyhomes/discountedhomesfinder.com it would take you hours each day to sift through numerous websites searching for affordable under $200k home. But we do that for you now and gather the final list for you.

1. Chicago, IL

Median list price: $285,000
Number of listings under $200,000: 15,416

In Gage Park, buyers are picking up bungalows with yards for less than $200,000. There are also plenty of two- and three-bedroom brick homes in neighborhoods that stretch along the South Side’s Western Avenue Corridor. The area has become popular with working-class buyers on the prowl for some space. They can snag 1,200- to 1,500-square-foot abodes and still be close to Midway Airport and within a 20-minute drive from downtown.

2. Miami, FL

Median list price: $385,050
Number of listings under $200,000: 9,169

“It’s a hodgepodge,” says Miami–based real estate broker James Shin of US Global. “You can have a million-dollar home right next to a $200,000 house.”

3. Philadelphia, PA

Median list price: $264,000
Number of listings under $200,000: 8,575

More than 28% of the metro’s listings clock in under $200,000.

4. Atlanta, GA

Median list price: $315,050
Number of listings under $200,000: 8,469

But single-family homes south of Interstate Highway 20 in the western corridor can be scooped up for under $200,000.

But buyers had better be quick. In western neighborhoods, like Adair Park, they were getting 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath homes in the low $100,000 range last year. But these days a comparable fixer-upper clocks in at around $175,000.

5. New York City, NY

Median list price: $529,050
Number of listings under $200,000: 7,684

Now, there are a small number of co-ops and condos for sale under the $200,000 mark in the less desirable parts of upper Manhattan, the Bronx, and the outer regions of Brooklyn and Queens.

Even in Bergen County, across the Hudson River in New Jersey, you can find a single-family home larger than 1,000 square feet for less than $200,000.

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